Posted by: isuktagum | January 8, 2009

99designs a New Way to Make Money Online!!!


Hello! i’m a newbie about this thing called blogging. But i will try to share my story and a little success ^_^ that i encountered here in the internet even though it’s just starting.

Mid of last year 2008 maybe month of june or july, I’m having not really that a big problem, but just a little financial crisis of my self   (which i know this is the majority problem here in my country.) That day i realized that i should make a move to earn money and save for my future and for my family. And that’s why i searched in google, jobs that suit in my profession i try some other website that offers some designing but only one website that i like the most (a website the host many designing contest, just click here for more details) that i think works for me because it’s FREE it’s up to you whether you enter or not. So i start designing and submitting, luckily in just five days from entering some contests of 99designs, i got my 1st winning design an e-book design cover with the prize of $300. And the happiness & excitement that i felt is just amazing, a feeling that you know that you can start making your dreams possible when you just try hard and find a way to start a new life which a found in

And my 1st winning entry followed by another wins. What i like in 99designs is that the designs that you won, the contest holder of your winning designs will gave you some a direct works for their other projects especially when they really like your works/designs.

Link of my portfolio in 99designs.

Within 5 months i earned almost $10,000.00 (and that’s a very good earning here in my country) because of 99designs & from other outside client, and i’m very thankful in 99designs for giving a new hope in a lot of people around the world especially in those country that earning money is very hard. Below is also a link on  How 99designs changed one designer’s life…

News Video from featured 99designs

Those story proved that i’m not the only one that achieved success because, I know that there’s a lot of designers out there that very thankful because of 99designs.