Posted by: isuktagum | January 8, 2009

99designs a New Way to Make Money Online!!!


Hello! i’m a newbie about this thing called blogging. But i will try to share my story and a little success ^_^ that i encountered here in the internet even though it’s just starting.

Mid of last year 2008 maybe month of june or july, I’m having not really that a big problem, but just a little financial crisis of my self   (which i know this is the majority problem here in my country.) That day i realized that i should make a move to earn money and save for my future and for my family. And that’s why i searched in google, jobs that suit in my profession i try some other website that offers some designing but only one website that i like the most (a website the host many designing contest, just click here for more details) that i think works for me because it’s FREE it’s up to you whether you enter or not. So i start designing and submitting, luckily in just five days from entering some contests of 99designs, i got my 1st winning design an e-book design cover with the prize of $300. And the happiness & excitement that i felt is just amazing, a feeling that you know that you can start making your dreams possible when you just try hard and find a way to start a new life which a found in

And my 1st winning entry followed by another wins. What i like in 99designs is that the designs that you won, the contest holder of your winning designs will gave you some a direct works for their other projects especially when they really like your works/designs.

Link of my portfolio in 99designs.

Within 5 months i earned almost $10,000.00 (and that’s a very good earning here in my country) because of 99designs & from other outside client, and i’m very thankful in 99designs for giving a new hope in a lot of people around the world especially in those country that earning money is very hard. Below is also a link on  How 99designs changed one designer’s life…

News Video from featured 99designs

Those story proved that i’m not the only one that achieved success because, I know that there’s a lot of designers out there that very thankful because of 99designs.



  1. Hi Isuktagum! Ang Galing mo naman! Ako din join ako 99designs last April and luckily I won several contests. Just like you I earned as much $6000+ for 4 months in 99designs alone!

    In and off kac ako sa mga contest and mrami na din akong client sa labas. Big help talaga ang 99designs d2 sa atin, lalo na sa mga situation natin designer na ang liit ng sahod d2, in fact 99designs can also improve our skills! d lang talaga pang local ang pinoy globally pa.

    Mabuhay ang pinoy

    Thanks sa post mo naispire ako.

    You can check my profile at 99d:


  2. aw^^ kaw pla ung idol ko sa mga Label designs!!! Thnx.

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